Edge Music London

Meet Danielle and Olly, aka Edge Music London.

The pair are DJs on Shoreditch Radio; ‘we host the monthly Edge Music Show,’ explains Danielle, ‘highlighting the compositions and influences of some of the Edge artists from our live London shows’.

Edge Music London aims to bring ‘the freshest sounds to the city in the form of classical club nights. We’re classical music drenched in cool,’ says Danielle.

Olly plays the flute with Away With The Faeries whilst Danielle is part of i Flautisti, the London Recorder Quartet.

Just FYI – ‘Edge Music London meetings nearly always contain bacon croissants’. Yum.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

We’re Edge Music London, two classically-trained musicians creating a platform for forward-thinking ensembles and composers and showcasing the freshest sounds to the city.

Banishing those thoughts of silent concert halls, Edge creates modern music drenched in cool.

We aim London’s ground-breaking music somewhere different, reaching new audiences and rolling out contemporary culture in venues across the capital through our classical club nights.

What are your inspirations?

We’re lucky enough to have studied at some of the best musical institutions in the world including the Royal College of Music and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The places themselves, alongside the incredible professors, made for daily inspiration. There’s a great sense of achievement even being able to walk in to buildings like those as your place of study.

Moreover though, it’s the music that inspires us. Both of us have a love for new music, for sounds that break moulds, for instrumentation that looks forward, and to beautiful compositions that just need to be heard! The artists that appear at Edge have such great imagination and working alongside them continues to inspire us to do what we do.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

Edge is a fledgling idea really, having started in January of this year. Our summer session in July, after six months of hard work, was a great achievement for us as the gig was part of the Shoreditch Fringe Festival and was held at the amazing Hoxton Hall.

We thought of it more like a party, to celebrate six months of meeting and working with incredibly talented musicians, composers, bloggers, designers and great venues, and we had nearly 70 musicians take part. Hosting the 40-strong London Contemporary Voices at the event – and fitting them on the stage! – was a real highlight.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Arvo Pärt is a great inspiration to visionary music, creating new compositional styles and bringing them to the masses. Most of Joe Public will have heard his piece Spiegel im Spiegel probably without knowing it, and that is an amazing achievement, alongside creating incredibly beautiful music.

Visit Edge Music’s official website, listen to their radio show and follow them: @edgemusiclondon.


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