REVIEW: Moranthology

Okay – so as you might already know, TYC is a bit of a Caitlin Moran fan. Well, a lot of a Caitlin Moran fan – as you can probably tell during our INSPIRED interview with her last year.

Anyway, after the phenomenal success of How To Be A Woman last summer, she’s now released her latest tome. Moranthology is a walk-through of some of her Times articles, columns and interviews from over the past few years and covers a medley of topics, people and themes. From Lady Gaga to Sherlock and Boris Johnson, it covers anything and everything and is perfect for dipping in and out of.

Written – obviously – in Moran’s characteristically chirpy but spot-on tones, the intelligence burbles out from every single word. Words are important to Caitlin; as she writes in her Introduction, “Words can be weapons, or love-spells, or just motor cars you can drive across county borders”.

Every single word Caitlin uses bounces off the page and will still be reverberating around your mind hours later.

If, like us, you are a regular reader of Caitlin’s various columns, chances are that you’ll recognise some – if not most – of these pieces. But the beauty and brilliance of her observations are so infectious that it’s quite easy to read them over and over again.  This is one (Mor)anthology you will never get tired of. Read it slowly because chances are that, like us, you might feel a little disappointed once you’ve finished it.

Moranthology, £18.99 (Ebury) – out now


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