Phil Howell

Meet Phil Howell.

We featured Phil last year when he was in the Hidden Dingbat Collective. Now, he’s working freelance which, as he puts it, ‘is a little scary!’

Phil collects vinyl, doesn’t like pizza, is excellent at playing Street Fighter 2 and drinks lots of Earl Grey. ‘And I’m a little short for a Storm Trooper,’ he adds.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Phil and I hail from the sunny side of Essex. I have been a freelance illustrator and designer for three years and have worked with a varied number of clients including Sky TV, the NHS and Jaegermeister.

What are your inspirations?

My inspirations are artists suck as Saul Bass, Margret Kilallen, Geoff Mcfetridge, Mary Blair, Walt Disney and Oliver Jeffers but I am also inspired by lots of other things… The seaside, New York City, British comedy and culture, London, charity shops and boot sales, traditions and folk law, old people with long stories, mundane days, the post office, the 1960’s, boardwalks, nature and cold winter nights.

What’s your favourite piece of work you produced?

I really like the piece I produced for the Birmingham Royal Ballet Point Blank exhibition on Coppelia. It was handcut from craft paper then scanned in and redrawn in Illustrator; it took hours and hours to make bit I really enjoyed the brief and I think the image came out well because of the time invested in doing something bigger.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

That’s a really tough question but I would have to say Walt Disney. He inspires me the most and his legacy is so amazing – he created and innovated and changed the way we think about illustration, animation and cartoons in general. I love the way he looked at things and how he was a doer. I find stuff like that pretty inspiring: people who break the rules and who do what everyone says can’t be done.

Visit Phil’s website and read his blog; tweet him – @phowelldesign.

All images © Phil Howell. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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