Rhiannon K

Meet 16-year-old photographer Rhiannon K.

Rhiannon hails from Sabah, Malaysia, and as well as photography adores fashion – ‘I occasionally blog about my outfit of the day,’ she says. She’s also a dog lover. ‘I have three dogs – sometimes they model for me!’

Read on to find out more.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m currently in high school. I’ve always been an art person but I could never find the right creative outlet. Thanks to a friend of mine who introduced photography to me, I finally found the perfect outlet to let my imagination run free.

I got my first digital camera at the age of thirteen and have been experimenting with photography ever since then. My mother saw potential in me and decided to upgrade my camera gear to a DSLR a year later.

Today, I am most passionate about portraiture and fashion photography.

What inspires your work?

I am extremely inspired by people, music and oddly enough, words. Just by listening to a certain song, looking at a stranger and coming across a quote, I naturally start creating ideas in my head.

What is your favourite piece of work you have created?

As of now, my favourite has to be Smothered (left) which I shot a few days ago. I wanted to focus on my eyes with the idea of expressing a strong girl who went through a lot. As the saying goes, ‘There’s more than meets the eye’.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field? 

I have so many! But if I had to narrow it down, I would say Lara Jade. I absolutely adore her work! She has achieved so much and it shows that it isn’t impossible to achieve your own set of goals despite how young you are.

Visit Rhiannon’s blog and see more of her work here.

All images © Rhiannon K. To view the images more clearly, click on them.


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