INSPIRED: Pocket London

We talk to Edward Page and Louise Thompson, founders of exciting new fashion label Pocket London.

What was the idea behind Pocket London? Why did you decide to work together?

Edward: Louise and I met a few years ago and went travelling in Buenos Aires together so already we had a strong friendship and knew that we could both trust and work with each other. I had thought for a while about moving into fashion and really wanted to start a jean brand. Knowing that Louise is passionate about fashion I talked to her about it and from there the idea of Pocket London was born.

Louise: We wanted to make a brand that was cool and would symbolise both Edward and my love of London and symbolise the London style. We thought that having a brand that could be instantly recognisable would be great as it could quickly become an iconic piece of clothing that everyone would be able to have!

What, in your opinion, makes a great pair of jeans? Pocket London

Edward: I think that with a great design, it is important to find something that will almost become your signature style and will then become synonymous with the brand. This is what we aimed to do with our contrasting Pocket and we will continue this through the collections as we continue to grow and expand the lines.

Louise: I think from a girl’s perspective, there are now so many different styles of jean that it can be difficult to know what suits and flatters your body shape. We wanted to create a slim fitted cut as we know that this is the style that will suit everybody, highlighting and complimenting different body shapes.

What makes your jeans different from other brands?

Louise: I think the fact that our branding of the coloured pocket is obvious and stands out, initially makes our brand different from other jeans. We are very conscious to make a style and fit of jeans that will both appeal to different women and also be able to suit and fit varying body shapes.

How hard is it to juggle it with university and other commitments?

Edward: As both Louise and I are in our final year now at university, we have got used to balancing life and personal commitments with our education. We also now have fewer hours attending classes so it is easier to respond to emails and look at new designs in our downtime from studying. We are both looking forward to the break over Christmas also as we will be able to sit down and concentrate fully on Pocket without any other distractions.

How does it feel to see your designs go from sketches on paper to actual, real-life jeans?

Louise: It feels amazing! It’s such a long process from concept to production that sometimes it can feel as though you will never reach a final end product! However, we both stuck at it and are both so happy with the results.

Edward: From our initial meetings when it was just Louise and I when we were thinking of the concept of Pocket, to travelling to Europe to find manufacturers to our launch parties this October, it has all been such an exciting journey and I am so glad that we both decided to go into this venture together.

Pocket LondonYou’ve just launched the debut line. Are there plans for Pocket to expand in the future?

Edward: Yes, we definitely have lots of plans to expand the line, continuing with our original concept for the coloured pocket. In terms of building and expanding the collection for women to the introduction of a men’s line, we are both extremely excited at what the future holds for our brand.

What advice would you give to budding fashion designers?

Louise: I would say that it’s important to stay true to your designs and be confident in your end product. As it can sometimes be such a daunting task, you need to know that you are doing it for the right reason and try and not let other people sway you off from your ideas.

Edward: I would agree with Louise, as it’s important to stay true to yourself and the concept. Many people thought that we might not be able to do this, especially whilst studying at university but it goes to show that if you believe in your product then others will too.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about designing/running your own label?

Edward: I have a notebook that I take absolutely everywhere with me so any time inspiration hits, I can note it down. I think it’s also important as we said before to stay true to yourself but also to be willing to accept critiques and outside help from people. In the end, you all want to see the brand succeed so you have to always strive to do that.

Have either of you done anything fashion-oriented before?

Louise: I have been lucky enough to do some modelling before, which I really enjoyed. I love the fact that you can become this other character simply by what you are wearing or your make-up! I really love fashion and although I don’t tend to follow trends I have a keen interest in it and always like to know what’s going on.

Who is/are your fashion heroes?

Louise: I’m a diehard fan of Rachel Zoe. I love her style: she always looks exciting and impeccable and I follow thezoereport religiously to get tips off her. In London I look out for Alexa Chung in the fashion press. She wears classical pieces, and a lot of Chanel. Alexa always looks amazing in jeans, especially when paired with velvet pumps. I can definitely see her rocking some Pockets!

Edward: I love what Acne did when they started. They only made 100 pairs of jeans, made sure they were perfect and then sent them out to the most important people they could find, they then just waited until people were trying to find these jeans that no one could get hold of. They had demand before they even started and were exclusive from the outset.

Visit to shop the full collection.


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