The TYC Advent Calendar: December 5th

Still not in the festive mood? Why not try out Katy Archer‘s festive DIY nail art? (And chaps, you can always treat the lady in your life to an impromptu manicure…)

Katy ArcherKaty Archer


1.Paint nails with one coat of ‘Mushroom’, by Barry M.

2. Using a generic white nail polish (any french manicure polish is fine), draw the outline of the icing on the tips of each nail.

3. Fill in the tip of the nail with white polish, and cover in Ciate nail caviar while still wet.

4. Gently press the caviar into the polish.

5. Once dry, paint on the holly leaves and berries (don’t worry if the polish covers the caviar- the polish will dry as normal) with ‘Red Glitter’ and’ Emerald Green’ by Barry M.

6. Use a top coat ONLY on the tip of the nail, and don’t use to much, or the caviar will stick together.

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