Zander Gregson

Zander GregsonThis is 22-year-old graphic designer and illustrator Zander Gregson.

“I’m a huge hip-hop head, and this is shown in a lot of my work,” says Zander. “I love music in general and like to represent it though my art and design.”

Anything else we should know? “I’m a massive Preston North End fan and lover of tinned ravioli… Classy guy, as you can tell!”

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I graduated from Leeds Met in summer 2012 where I studied Graphic Arts & Design and am currently based in Manchester.

In the past I have done studio work in Vancouver developing quite commercial work for the likes of Pepsi, which was amazing Devlinand taught me a lot about the practicalities of being a designer. Most of the work you will see on my website is in stark contrast to this and fairly expressionistic in style with some illustration thrown in there.

I’m fairly new to the illustration side of things with only a couple of projects under my belt and I like to think that I’m constantly learning and improving my skill set. I have began to develop a style that combines vivid detail and technical drawing, inspired greatly from Leonardo Da Vinci sketches.

What inspires your work?

Music, geometrics, art, graff, big cities, advertising, creative people, really technical stuff that I don’t understand but aesthetically speaks to me i.e. equations or architectural blueprints.

What is your favourite piece of work you have created?

I have a tendency to scrutinize and over analyze my work once its completed but I’d have to say my favorite is my piece for Full Spread 3Circle publication. With it being a hip hop publication, I felt a real connection to the work and wanted to make sure I did James McBride’s amazing article justice!

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Luke Insect’s work inspires me on so many levels. His client base is ridiculous, creating artwork for the likes of The Prodigy and Kano would be a dream come true. I’m just in awe of Sam Green’s illustrations, his artistry and vision is just unreal. If I could achieve somewhere near the success these guys have I’d be pretty chuffed!

Click here to see more of Zander’s work and follow him on Twitter: @ZGregson.

All images © Zander Gregson. To view the images more clearly, click on them.


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