REVIEW: Change Your Mind by Rod Judkins

What makes a creative person so extraordinary? Are they born with some type of greatness?

After all, creativity cannot be taught (or so I believed), so we may as well just give up and accept that we might not be able to be the creative person we dreamt of being… Right?

Wrong.  In Change Your Mind, Rod Judkins tells us all you need to make the changes necessary to become a creative success – someone to whom inspiration flows freely and creativity comes naturally. All you need to do is ‘free’ the potential within you and embrace it.

With the seemingly endless fad for self-improvement ever-present on bookshelves, it is very easy to just think this is another generic self-help title. Why Change Your Mind is so valuable is because it does more than just show what creative people did; instead, it reveals the fundamental mind-sets these people had. Still, how does this help? Well, as it becomes a more accepted view that everyone can be more than they are through mind-set alone, Judkins goes one step further and shows how the fifty-seven key attributes and thought processes of some of the most creative people ever known (including the likes of Mozart and Roosevelt) can be applied to everyday life.

What is more, with the addition of a series of lovely illustrations (all done by the author, I believe) and an actually pretty cool presentation, the book is far easier to engage with than similar tomes, which simply present a block of dull-as-you-like black-and-white text.

Once we believe it and get over our inhibitions that we are better than we believe, we are ‘90% of the way there’, according to Judkins, and before you know it, you will be thinking more freely. Who knows – the next great creative thinker could be you!

By Peter Byrne

Change Your Mind by Rod Judkins, £8.99 (Hardie Grant)


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