REVIEW: Girls’ Night In

Girls Night InFact: staying in is the new going out. 

The girly night out has had a 2013 makeover and is now firmly the girly night in. Wave goodbye to nightclub escapades, hammering hangovers and spending your pennies on vodka teapots and say hello to craft, cake and teapots that are full of, well, tea.

Girls’ Night In by Hannah Read-Baldrey – she of Everything Oz fame – is full of ideas perfect for an alternative night in with your BFFs.

From popcorn syrup cocktails through to pamper ideas and crafty how-tos, the book is positively brimming with lovely things to do with your girls, that won’t involve a single shot of tequila. (Well, unless you want one, of course…) There are ideas for hosting your own book-club, scrumptious dinner recipes (we’re talking about you Dorset fishcakes!), jewellery tutorials… The list is never-ending, and so is the inspiration.

Obviously Hannah’s ideas aren’t just limited to a girls’ night in – but the backdrop of cake, chat and crafting (the three Cs, as I now refer to them) is such a perfect combination that it would almost (almost) be a shame to use them in any other scenario.

Watch one of Hannah’s tutorials below; visit her YouTube channel to peruse a few more and buy Girls’ Night In here.

Girls’ Night In by Hannah Read-Baldrey, £16.99, Quadrille Craft 


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