Review; The World's End

REVIEW: The World’s End

Review; The World's EndThe end of the Cornetto Trilogy is upon us. They’ve survived, a zombie apocalypse outsmarted mad villagers and now Simon Pegg and Nick Frost take on aliens in The World’s End. We see Pegg living off the glory days of his youth.

More specifically, the day he considers the best of his life, where he, Gary, Andy (Frost) and their three friends, Steven (Paddy Considine), Oliver (Martin Freeman) and Peter (Eddie Marsan), took on the Golden Mile – drinking 12 pits at 12 pubs. Twenty years later, seemingly everyone has moved on bar Gary, who is desperate to reunite the gang and get them to take on the Golden Mile once more. Things predictably do not go to plan, when they find the village they grew up in seems strangely similar to how it was when they were kids.

As anyone who had seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz would expect, The World’s End has more than its fair share of brilliant one-liners, chase scenes and fights, with bar-brawls being the name of the game here. The pomposity of Gary’s friends – and his good-natured failure to acknowledge their lives have moved on whilst his has stayed the same – provides endless comedy, whilst Rosamund Pike’s turn as Sam leads to a highly effective revival of the ‘oh crumbs…’ catchphrase.

There were several strands of the storyline that felt rather weak. Little explanation was given to the underlying plot (that some kind of alien overlord had infiltrated a random Middle England village). Also, much referenced to was the ‘accident’ that Andy had suffered at some point in the past, which was alluded to endlessly in the first half of the film – but when actually revealed felt to be rather anti-climatic.

Despite a majorly strong storyline, the ending of the film was rather disappointing: the last 10 minutes simply did not give the story a satisfactory conclusion.  It felt as if there was a moral lesson in the making from the start of the film which never quite came into fruition, leaving the ending annoyingly vague. Oh crumbs…       In cinemas now

By Peter Byrne


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