Review The Art of Thinking Clearly

REVIEW: The Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Be honest: how clear is your mind at this precise moment in time? Chances are that you, like a lot of us, struggle with clarity. It’s hard to focus: distraction is all around us and pressures relating to work, personal life and so on can add up. Quickly.

Enter Rolf Dobelli. The Art Of Thinking Clearly promises to help sweep away the cobwebs, sort out the uncertainty and pull back the curtains in your mind, allowing you to focus and – you guessed it – think clearly.

Broken down into 99 mini chapters (ranging from Even True Stories Are Fairytales: Story Bias to The Difference Between Risk And Uncertainty: Ambiguity Aversion), the handbag-friendly tome is confident that it can get you making decisions concisely, as well as help you to quit dwelling and misusing your time.

Part philosophy text, part straight-talking guide to navigating an over-active modern mind, the chapters were originally magazine articles. Such was the popularity of Dobelli’s column that the book was a logical step to collecting his tips in one place.

As well as being a bestseller across the globe, the book’s straight-talking, easy-to-read approach has already won it – and Dobelli – an army of fans. Our verdict?  It’s great for a fix of life-coaching: it’s bursting with ideas that can be applied to everyday life in an instant, as well as thought-provoking exercises that will (fingers crossed) banish the cloud of uncertainty that hangs above so many heads. And after all, in Dobelli’s own words: “Nothing beats books for understanding the world.”

£9.99 (Sceptre Books), available to buy here


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