Bad Neighbours review

REVIEW: Bad Neighbours

I’m just going to come out and say it: I loved this film.

Normally I’m not a fan of frat-boy/gross-out/lol-let’s-have-a-feud comedies, but Bad Neighbours was the perfect mix of stupid pranks, smart one-liners and unexpected LOL moments to keep me interested. (Also, hello Zac Efron.)

The plot in a nutshell: Mac (Seth Rogen, playing Seth Rogen wearing a baseball cap) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) star as thirty-something new parents, who are horrified to discover a fraternity is moving into the house next door. The frat – headed up by Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco) – is determined to throw the best end-of-year party ever… But Mac and Kelly – painfully aware of their ‘uncool’ status – are just as determined to stop them.

Despite a warm welcome to the neighbourhood from Mac and Kelly (who asks the frat to ‘keep it DAHN’ – I always forget Rose Byrne is Australian!), and a promise to keep things quiet, Teddy and his band of merry frat-bros just can’t resist their urges to party. Plus, they have the added incentive of trying to throw the best party ever in order to be installed in the Delta Psi hall of fame.

There were elements of the film I found really hard to believe; why were none of the other neighbours bothered by the improbably crazy parties held by the frat? How did the whole thing (you’ll see what I mean if/when you watch it) with the airbags come about – and how did someone sneak into Mac’s office and attach one to his chair?

However, who cares? You go to the cinema to lose yourself, not to nit-pick over why Seth Rogen has just been propelled through his office ceiling…

If you can suspend a degree of reality, the film is great – and despite Mac and Kelly being the leads, I actually found myself rooting for the antics of the fraternity instead. The ending is sweetly poignant, although I could have quite happily continued my life without seeing Rogen topless. Just sayin’.

In cinemas now – watch the trailer below.


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