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The Learning A Language Diaries: Part 2

Bonjour. Ca va?

When I wrote post #1 of the Learning A Language Diaries, I was at the very beginning of my linguistic voyage. I’ve made some significant progress: I now own not one but two textbooks; I have a learning-French notebook; and I have also mastered crying ‘c’est impossible!’ in a quelle dramatic fashion. C’est superb.

Today, I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite lingo-teaching apps. I’ve downloaded these onto my iPad Mini but I’m around 99% sure they’re also all available on Android, too.  They’re also all free. Yee-ha!

#1 DuoLingo

DuoLingo is my absolute favourite. Allowing you to learn a range of languages via (totally random) sentence construction (e.g. The bumblebee is hungry) and sound recordings, it makes learning very easy and to the point. The app is easy to navigate, and as you progress through the various levels, you get stars. Stars! Plus, you can connect with friends who are also learning  a language and enourage each other. I refer you back to my HSM meme at the bottom of this post

#2 Memrise

Memrise teaches you language through a selection of crowd-sourced quizzes. It’s fun and simple to use – plus the online edition has ‘courses’ relating to anything and everything (literally. There are courses on Pokemon).

#3 Learn French Free (Bravolol)

This cute app is great if you’re planning on making a trip; it’s crammed with over 800 common phrases, as well as general grammar tips. It also doesn’t require Internet, so if you’re out-n-about, you don’t need to worry about having WiFi (or, probably the bigger worry: not having WiFi).



One thought on “The Learning A Language Diaries: Part 2”

  1. I am currently self-teaching French, and although I gather a lot of my informational myself I found some free apps really helpful for practicing what I have learnt. I am currently using Babbel which has free content, but you do have to pay to get access to full content. I will definitely be checking out Duo-lingo, sounds like a fun one to try. Thanks for the post – A x

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