Five ways to make your lunch infinitely more interesting

If you’ve ever thought lunch was kinda ‘meh’, it’s time to think again – here are five lunch-hacks (totally a thing) that will make your middle-of-the-day dining experience a whole lot more exciting. Pinky promise.


Love the green stuff, but don’t have the time to prep it in the morning before you leave home? Storing it in a jar in the fridge over night will not only keep it looking pretty on your desk – it will also keep the salad at its most crisp and fresh. Au revoir, limp lettuce.

Lunch hacks
Source: Buzzfeed


If you (like me) love bagels, you need to try out this idea – perfect for keeping tricky fillings in place, as well as allowing the bagel to avoid getting squished by the contents of your bag.

Lunch hacks
Source: Pinterest


If you’ve got the time to painstakingly craft your cheese into teddy bears and your sandwiches into angels, then for the love of God, DO IT. You might just forget about it and give yourself a 1pm ego-boost when you open your lunchbox and remember how awesome your knife skills are.

Lunch hacks


Don’t forget to consider the little treats that will keep you going through the afternoon, too. Maintaining blood sugar levels at a steady constant throughout the day will help keep you feeling great – and will also see you be more productive, whether you’re pounding away on your keyboard or chilling out and watching Murder She Wrote.  (Seriously. How many episodes are there of that show!?)

Lunch hacks
Source: Pinterest


If you’ve crafted a beautiful-looking lunch and, in all good faith, left it in the communal fridge in your office/flat, you might find it has been SNAFFLED (the best choice of word to describe lunch theft). Swerve that by investing in some of these sandwich bags, which look mouldy (but obviously aren’t) – though don’t be too upset if someone bins it.

Lunch hacks
source: Pinterest

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