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7 ways to pull yourself out of a creative lull

Finding yourself in a bit of a productive funk (great word, no?) from time to time is, alas, part and parcel of being a creative. Well, you can’t have fantastic ideas all the time now, can you?

However, don’t worry – dragging yourself out of a creative rut isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are seven ideas to help you get your mojo back…

#1 Bounce ideas around

Think outside the box. Take a friend for coffee and bounce around ideas concerning your project/business/etc, A fresh pair of trusted eyes can make a huge different – and, more obviously, everyone has different ideas, so something that might seem blindingly obvious to them you may not have even considered.

#2 Write a to-do list

Make a list of all the things you want to do with your craft; whether it’s sending sample stationery designs to a potential stockist, getting your portfolio in order or straightening up your freelance invoices. Having it in front of you can make it easier to tackle.

#3 See what your contemporaries are up to

Obviously don’t copy their ideas (plagiarism is never the answer, people) – but do take a look at what they’re doing. It’s good to see what the ‘competition’ are doing, especially in terms of online presence.

#4 Give yourself a week off

Seriously. In the same way you’d take a week off from a standard 9-5 job, give yourself time away from your craft. Force yourself to not think about and you might be surprised by how refreshed you feel when you return to it.

#5 Try something different

Have a go at a different kind of creativity; if you’re a writer, try drawing; if you’re a graphic designer, set yourself some baking challenges. Opening up your mind to something new can really improve your creativity and expand your output.

#6 Big yourself up

Seriously. You’re AWESOME. Go on – say it! Sit down with a friend and write down each other’s strengths. Keep your list and remember what it says – and more importantly, believe it.

#7 Set yourself a goal

Where do you want your business/creativity/etc to be in a year’s time? Write down a goal – be as detailed or as scant as you want, and go as big or as low-key as you see fit. Put it somewhere safe and give yourself a deadline for achieving it. Go, go, go!


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