Why you need to watch House Of Cards

Five reasons why you need to watch House Of Cards right now

If you haven’t watched House Of Cards then it’s high-time you got involved. Here are five reasons why it’s high-time to tune. Pah – like you even need five…

#1 Francis Underwood is fantastic

Razor-sharp, quick-witted and constantly planning his next move, Frank is the central character in this whirling, fast-paced White House drama. Kevin Spacey is perfectly placed as the plotting politican.

#2 It’s smart entertainment at its best

No gratuitous violence, nudity or swearing. Rather, it’s straight-up intelligent intrigue. Plus, it provides insight from all angles; that of the politicans and that of the journalists trying to dig dirt on them, as well as covering how the actions of both groups ripple-effect others.

#3 Frank and Claire = the perfect power couple

They’re basically Lord and Lady Macbeth – but unlike Shakespeare’s anti-hero, Frank appears to have swerved retribution for any of his crimes. So far, at least…

#4 The storylines suck you in like a vortex

Yeah, I said it. Like a vortex. They’re THAT good – special note goes to the moment at the end of Season 2 Episode 1 which will have you reeling for days.

#5 Season 3 promises to be even better

Seriously. Get involved.

House Of Cards is available to watch on Netflix

Why you should watch House Of Cards


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