selfie facts

5 selfie facts you need to know right now

Okay, so statistic time: the average Brit woman will spend a month of her life taking selfies.

According to the study, conducted by The Body Shop, we will spend around 753 hours taking, editing and posting (not to mention deleting…) selfies.

So with that fact rumbling through our brains, we thought we’d share with you the top five need-to-know facts about the #selfie. 

#1 The first-ever selfie was taken in 1839, by Robert Cornelius. He was an American photography pioneer who managed to take a self-taken picture of himself, using the daguerreotype process, outside of a chemist.


#2 According to a recent study of image uploads, selfies make up 33% of the posts people aged 18-24yrs post on social networks.

#3 Research conducted by Samsung found that selfie takers are most likely to share their photos on Facebook (48%), followed by Whatsapp and text (27%) and thirdly, Twitter (9%). Of those surveyed, 2% admitted sharing selfies on Pinterest.

#4 The same study also found that selfies are most commonly taken in Australia, followed by the USA and Canada.

#5 The Oxford English Dictionary described selfie as ‘the word’ of 2013.

And on that note…


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