How to write your About Me

How to write the perfect About Me

Ah, the ‘About Me’. Whether it’s on your website, your Twitter page or your dating profile, what you write in this box has the power to shape opinions in a flash; for people who don’t know you and have somehow stumbled across your online presence, a well-written bio can be the difference between a follow or an, er, not-follow.

But how do you write the perfecto ‘About Me’, that sells yourself to a stranger? We’ve got five tips right here…


If you’re bio-writing on Twitter, you have a maximum of 160 characters to play with. If you’re writing it for your blog or website, you’ll have more space to work around – but don’t let the lack of limitations go to your head. Unless you have a very compelling story, people will not be inclined to sift through endless paragraphs of autobiography. For real.


Avoid presenting yourself as something you’re not, and avoid over-thinking what you feel you should be saying. Stick to your natural writing tone – after all, an impeccably written bio that your friend wrote for you simply won’t match up if your usual writing style is a bit lyk dis. Lol. Which leads me to…


A potential employer, or date, or long-lost cousin (you get my drift…) who Googles your name will inevitably stumble across your site. Manage all of your online presence – from your official website biography to your tweets about Britain’s Got Talent – savvy and smart.


You’re brilliant – it’s true! Make sure this reflects in what you write. Don’t undersell yourself; equally, don’t over-sell (it can be a thin line). Match your achievements with flickers of character. A hint of personality is far more interesting than a dull role-call of achievements.


Take a step back (as cliched and patronising as it sounds) and re-read your About Me from the P.O.V. of a potential visitor. Is it interesting? If you were reading this on someone else’s blog, would it captivate you – or compel you to log off? If it’s the latter, head back to the drawing board.


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