How to sell your work online

Five tips for selling your work online

Planning to take the plunge and sell your work online? We’ve got five tips to start you off…

#1 Have your own website

Well, duh. There are endless pros to having your own little piece of the internet – not least the fact it makes showcasing your range of skills in one place very, very simple. Whether you’re looking to sell your words as a copywriter or your art as an illustrator, make sure your blog/website reflects your talent in an appealing way.

#2 See how other people are doing it

If you’re totally new to selling your work online, see what other people are doing. What sites are they using, what agencies or schemes are they signed up to? While we’re here, make sure your work and your business name are copyrighted – you don’t want anyone pinching your designs and selling them off as their own!

#3Β Start slow

Head to sites such as Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet to establish your selling presence. You might want to try selling different items in different places; for example, sell your greeting cards on Etsy and your handmade jewellery over on Folksy. Also, make sure you read all the small-print before you agree to anything.

#4 Network, network, network

Use social media to pull in new audiences and connect with your fellow creatives. Effective use of Twitter, Facebook and, increasingly, Instagram, can help push sales through the roof… Just make sure you can keep up with demand!

#5 Get reviews

Much like you’d read the Amazon review of a book you’re thinking about buying, reviews on the products you’re selling are important ways to seal your status as a respectable seller. You might be offering a five-star product, but if you don’t have the ratings to match, new potential shoppers might not be interested!


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