Made in Chelsea Season 7 episode 10

REVIEW: Made In Chelsea Season 7 Episode 10

10 key things that totes happened in tonight’s episode of Made In Chelsea – starring eye rolls, friendship rebuilds and ‘I’m not a chihuahuha!’ (Yeah, you are.)

Though, spoiler alert, nothing topped the perfection of Mark-Francis’s glorious cackle from last week’s episode…

#1 “I don’t enjoy upsetting people.” – Spencer

Wait a minute. Is this the same Spencer who ‘hooks up’ with his friends’ love interests, cheats on his girlfriends and generally acts rather like someone who, to the contrary, does enjoy upsetting people? Spencer follows up this casual observation by back-flipping off a little wooden bridge into a stream, to which Andy whoops and cries: ‘You’re like a fat Tom Daley!’ Preach.


A casual game of basketball between Fordy (who?), Edo (who??), Jamie and Stevie, who discuss the fall-out of last ep’s random picnic. Jamie and Stevie rut like stags over the Riley thing (with Jamie at one stage air-punching and hollering ‘PLAYAA!’). Stevie admits Stephanie ‘excites’him. Oh. Good.


I mean, only because she doesn’t have his number saved on her phone. But even so. He styled it out pretty well and – lo! – a date is decided on.


…Which the girls have been using as a catch-up location. Lucy says Binky hasn’t texted her in five days. Binks – who has just told the girls about the friend-y dinner date Spencer has invited her on – takes offence and flounces out of Jamie’s office (which, btw, has seriously never seen so much action) where they have been catching up. Cue much brilliant eye-rolling from Lucy.


Back to Jamie’s office! Lucy is now hard at work, and Riley arrives (she’s her intern, in case you’d forgotten). Riley has turned up late for work but instead of settling down to her duties, she tells Lucy about Jamie’s date invite. Lucy tells Riley she can’t work for her if she’s going to be ‘disloyal’ and date Jamie; Riley leaves.


It’s ping-pong time (which appears to be a sport enjoyed at least once every other episode). Lucy, Andy, Stevie and Stephanie talk about the Binky-Spencer friendship-fight; Lucy reveals Binks is seeing Alex again. Cue hipster music and lots of significant staring as Andy breathes: ‘She’s an idiot’. Later on, Lucy reveals she has fired Riley. More staring.


Spencer gives Binky flowers and champagne – buying back her friendship? – and she tells him he needs to grow up. ‘A little bit. Maybe,’ she tails off, with a wave of her hands. Meanwhile, Jamie and Riley are on their date. Riley says if Jamie was an animal, he’d be a chihuahua. Jamie disagrees (‘I’d be a pitbull!’); Riley says she’d be a lion and Sam would be a turtle. Uh-huh…


He’s brought his golf clubs to his office in order to subtly probe Lucy about why she fired Riley. (‘Why did you fire her?’ he whines, leaning across the desk so he’s right in her face.) Later, he plays oh-so-macho golf with Spennie, Andy and Stevie, where Spencer grunts his approval at Stevie’s fledgling relationship with Stephanie.


God, I love Mark-Francis. With an UNHOLY passion. ‘So chic,’ he purrs, as Binky peruses a collection of clothes (‘looks very good against the peach,’ says Mark approvingly). M-F saunters off to find Binky some more scarves, leaving Binky and Rosie alone to bitch about Cheska and Lucy for disapproving about Alex ‘Orgy’ Mytton.


In which: Spencer and Alex wear the same outfit, Jamie and Riley kiss and Cheska wears an off-the-shoulder top that reads ‘Totally Lost’. ‘Lucy, the world does not revolve around you!’ shouts Binky – the same Binky around whom the world has been revolving for the whole of this season.

Next time: More shouting from Binky. Some kind of vintage-y party that requires big hurrr (don’t currr). Fran-Louise-Fordy love triangle. More eye-rolling from Lucy. #CantWait!


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