The Wrong Knickers review

REVIEW: The Wrong Knickers, by Bryony Gordon

It’s unusual for me to laugh out loud whilst reading. I’ve got a Sahara-dry sense of humour, and tend to find overly-obvious jokes and puns almost… Embarrassing. Kind of desperate. So that’s why I LOVE it when I come across a book a la Bryony Gordon’s new memoir, The Wrong Knickers, which had me spluttering with lolz throughout.

This book is brilliant. Biting, poignant and brutally honestly, it tracks the adventures of Bryony who, throughout her 20s, was The Telegraph‘s go-to fun girl, chronicling her (mis)adventures in her weekly Girl About Town column.

But behind the partying and the fooling around we read about a girl who, quite honestly, just wants to find her Mr Right, settle down and no longer reside in a flat infested with silverfish.

I actually met Bryony many moons ago when I interned on The Telegraph‘s features desk and she was absolutely lovely – really sweet and down-to-earth (I have to admit: having read her column for, oh, EVER, I did feel like a bit of a fan girl), and she even got me Ricky Gervais’s autograph when she went to interview him (SCREAM). So when I heard she was writing The Wrong Knickers, I was excited to read it. In my opinion, she’s a fantastic writer; bitingly brilliant and concise, making every word work tirelessly.

As Bryony tracks her endless adventures (sex, drugs and the odd bit of rock’n’roll feature quite heavily, FYI) you become painfully aware that the book is coming to an end. Which is a shame, as it’s perfectly written and is a must-read for anyone who’s grown up (or The Wrong Knickers reviewwho is still growing up) and is unsure of what they’re doing with their life.

The conclusion is utterly glorious – FYI, you probably shouldn’t read it whilst wearing eye make-up.

The Wrong Knickers: A Decade Of Chaos by Bryony Gordon (Headline) is available to buy from June 5. RRP £12.99; pre-order your copy on Amazon here.


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