A Million Ways To Die In The West review

REVIEW: A Million Ways To Die In The West

If you love Family Guy then you’ll adore A Million Ways To Die In The West, which is basically a 90-minute non-cartoon Brian-and-Stewie-time-travel special.

However, if Family Guy really isn’t your cup of tea then you’ll probably want to go and see 22 Jump Street instead.

The film stars Seth Macfarlane (who also wrote the script and directs) as Albert, a lowly sheep farmer who lives in the murderous American West – defined by its gun-toting locals and depressingly bleak prospects. No one is safe in the West; the Mayor lies dead in the road for three days before being dragged off by wolves; a photographer at the local fair is turned into a human fireball by his own equipemnt; and a man helping to deliver the dead-weight lump of ice that the town receive for summer is crushed to death when it falls on him.

Albert’s girlfriend, Louisa (Amanda Seyfried), has broken up with him as she considers him to have no prospects. She quickly takes up with Foy, the moustachio’d local businessman, who owns his own moustachery (totally a thing). However, Albert doesn’t have much time to be broken-hearted when mysterious Anna arrives – but little does Albert realise that Anna’s pistol-packing husband (Liam Neeson) is coming after her…

The film was okay. It had strong moments (Albert’s monologue about the grimness of the town; the moustache dance) but often I thought the jokes were stretched too thin, with repetitive humour and jokes that were almost so basic they were offensive.

However, if you loved TED – and, as I’ve already said, are a Family Guy devotee – then give it a try. It’s arguably worth it for Neil Patrick Harris’s ‘tash-twirling Foy alone.

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