22 Jump Street review

REVIEW: 22 Jump Street

If a film can keep you laughing beyond the actual movie itself and into the closing credits, you know it’s doing something right. Very, very right in fact.

22 Jump Street is the sequel to – you guessed it! – 21 Jump Street, and reunites Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko once more. This time, they’ve been sent to college, to find out who the mysterious dealer of a fatal new drug, WhyPhy, is. Naturally the duo have to immerse themselves into campus life, leading to romance, brotherly bonding and – nearly – a weird initiation ceremony involving pigs…

The lolz come thick and fast – not just from the obvious jokes, but also via the brilliant chemistry of Hill and Tatum. Plus, Ice Cube alone makes it worth watching; he stars as their crazy-eyebrowed boss and is totally, utterly hilarious.

As I hinted at in my opening line, the end credits are just as clever – so make sure you stay sitting in that sit until they’ve finished rolling. Thank me later…

Β In cinemas now – watch the trailer below!


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