Happy 2015!

I’m gonna say it: I’ve been a bit crap at updating the site recently. Apologies if you’re a regular visitor who checks in every now and then to see if there’s been anything new uploaded, or if you’ve stumbled across the site and have liked what you’ve seen but not liked that it hasn’t been updated in… Ooh… Five months.

To be honest, there’ve been a couple of reasons why I’ve been shtum on here. For one thing, I’ve been feeling confused about the direction I want the site to take. I still want to keep showcasing your amazing creativity, but how do I do it in a way that feels fresh and exciting? Where do reviews and lifestyle bits and tips and essays fit within this?

And finally: time. Time has always been an issue as I want to present quality content that reflects our quality reader, and this takes time. I juggle the site around a full-time job, a dozen other projects and do it all on my own. However, I’ve decided I’m making the site a priority this year – going to try and get it redesigned as an actual website… Eek! – and so I’m endeavouring to make my goals with TYC a reality.

So my NY resolution is to get back on the straight and narrow with TYC – what are yours? I’d love to hear below!


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