2015 new book releases

2015 in books: 12 months, 12 exciting releases coming to a bookshop near you

Hurrah! A new year means a whole new host of literary, movie and music releases: and trust us, 2015 is something to very excited about. We’ve rounded up the 12 releases we’re most excited about this year…


The book: Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper

In a nutshell: In her literary debut, Hooper delivers a powerful, moving story about an elderly woman, who walks 2,000 miles to fulfill her life-long goal of finally seeing the ocean. Amazing.

On sale 20 January


The book: Second Life by SJ Watson

In a nutshell: The author of Before I Go To Sleep returns with this gripping psychological page-turner. We. Can’t. Wait.

On sale 12 February


The book: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

In a nutshell: This is Ishiguro’s first novel since cult-smash Never Let Me Go, and is set in post-Roman England, where myths and memories of Arthur abound…

On sale 3 March 


The book: Alfred Hitchcock by Peter Ackroyd 

In a nutshell: He was one of the biggest – and most iconic – movie directors of the 20th century… But how much do you really know about Hitchcock? Ackroyd seperates fact from fiction and delivers a detailed portrait of the film-maker.

On sale 2 April


The book: A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson 

In a nutshell: Those of you who adored Life After Life will love this new offering from Atkinson, which follows the story of Ursula’s beloved younger brother, Teddy.

On sale 5 May


The book: In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

In a nutshell: Weaving together the stories of three generations profoundly affected by a series of airplane crashes in 1950s America, Blume explores love, grief and a rainbow of other emotions.

On sale 2 June


The book: The Dust that Falls from Dreams by Louis de Bernières

In a nutshell: Growing up in Edwardian England, heroine Rosie finds herself facing the challenges of the era: falling in love against the backdrop of war. How will she and her sister resume life as they know it once the war ends?

On sale 2 July


The book: Electric Shock: How Popular Music Made the Modern World by Peter Doggett

In a nutshell: This book charts the rise and rise of popular music, starting with the first recording in the 1890s and finishing now, with streaming, Spotify et al.

On sale 27 August


The book: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

In a nutshell: The next installment in her MaddAddam trilogy sees a money-hungry young couple sign up for a bizarre social experiment. The consequences, naturally, are not what they expected…

On sale 10 September


The book: The Collected Poems and Drawings of Stevie Smith, edited by Will May

In a nutshell: Gathered together from her various collections of poems and sketches, this gorgeous anthology is a must for fans of Smith’s poignant, smart style.

On sale 15 October


The book: Verticals and Horizonatls by Helen Simpson

In a nutshell: This compendium of short stories from Simpson promises to be a pick-and-mix treat.

Release date TBC


The book: Emma by Jane Austen

In a nutshell: Okay, so it’s not a newbie – but it is the 200th anniversary of the book’s first publication, so we’re anticipating some gorgeous new editions.

200th anniversary 25 December


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