How to take better photos for your blog

Five ways to take better photos for your blog

Taking photos – for your blog, your Facebook page, your Instagram account and everything inbetween – is very easy to do. However, it’s not so easy to do well.

Want to start snapping better pics? Follow the five tips below for a beginners’ guide to making the most of your photographic prowess, whether you’re using your phone or an actual camera…

#1 Clean your lens. Now!

It might sound like obvious advice, but honestly – how many times have you cleaned the camera lens on your phone or camera? You’ll be amazed by how much it will increase the clarity of the image, as well as the camera’s ability to focus.

#2 Use flash – in the daytime…

Cray cray, right? Nope. Bright daylight can cause tricky-to-dodge shadows, meaning that turning the flash on is the only workable solution. As well as swerving shadows, it will also create a more even background for your picture, meaning that it’s an all-round winning tactic.

#3 Up close and personal

The closer you stand to your subject, the better quality the photograph will be. Taking the photo from a distance will increase your chances of having to zoom in (see below), meaning that the finished image will probably be out-of-focus and blurred.

#4 Crop…

… Rather than zooming in. Cropping will allow you to maintain the quality of the image; zooming in will compromise the quality, often resulting in a blurred image rather than the crispness you want.

#5 Practice makes perfect

Yes, it’s the cliche as old as the hills – but it’s true! Allow yourself a few minutes each day to snap anything and everything that catches your fancy. Play around with light and shadows, test your composition skills, research photography styles and basically just rehearse taking pictures.

And three tips for editing your photos…

#1 Get appy-happy 

There are endless apps available for every smartphone, so get downloading and see which you love the most! We love Instagram (naturally…), A Beautiful Mess, Whitegram… Play around and see which works best for your style.

#2 Don’t go crazy with filters

Of course, it’s all well and good being able to ‘Mayfair’ a convenient faux-glow on to that #OOTD selfie… But equally, a heavily-filtered photograph will look just that: heavily edited and fake. There’s a fine line between tasteful touching-up and going nuts with the saturation level. *Wise face*

#3 Mismatched photos? Collage them!

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to use your photos on their own, grid a selection together. This will not only look cool – it will also mean the photos don’t go to waste. We love PhotoGrid, a free app which allows you to collage images together, as well as add backgrounds and decoration.


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