How old are you, and whereabouts are you based?

I’m 22 and currently live in Southend-on-Sea.

Describe yourself in 30 words or less…

I’m down to earth, focused and also a little playful! I enjoy being independent, and drawing, reading, writing and cooking are a few of my favourite things to do.

Tell us a bit about your talent. What is it? When did you first start doing it? Why do you love it?

I’ve always had a love for drawing since a young age. When I was growing up at school, I was always doodling over my textbooks and being told off for not paying attention.

I couldn’t help myself; drawing has always made me feel so happy, and school was a nightmare because I was always sat by pen and paper!

Berenice Termote

I love to draw because it is such an important part of my happiness. It helps me to express my imagination, and I can just lose track of time and become completely immersed in it. It’s such a euphoric feeling that I cannot describe! I always notice the drop in my mood when I stop drawing, and once I start again I feel a lot more “recharged”. That’s why I know that it’s something that I need to continue to revolve my life around.

Education-wise, have you done anything to help develop it? 

I decided to take a BA degree in Illustration after I completed my Foundation Arts degree in Cambridge. This really helped me to develop my style and gain more knowledge on the industry, and it also helped to give me a little bit of a head-start once I’d graduated.

berenice termote

Tell us about the best moment of your artistic career so far. Go!

It sounds a little silly, but the best moment so far was when I registered as a self-employed illustrator after graduating. The educational journey to get to that step in my life was long-winded and hard work, so it was very rewarding to finally graduate and declare it as my job!

I’d been dreaming of the day since a very young age, and even though I still have a long journey ahead of me, I love that I have finally reached the point of pursuing it as a profession. Studying it was very different!

Which is your favourite piece of work you’ve created, and why?

That’s a tough question, because I often go through mixed feelings with my work (although this is probably normal for many artists!). I grow out of it all the time and I always want to improve. My Kent Folk series is still close to my heart, though, because I had so much fun illustrating it!

Berenice termote

Character design has always been a passion of mine, and it usually is a main focus within my work. I feel like it has really helped me to progress with my style, because I’ve spent a lot of years developing my characters. It’s one of the reasons I love drawing so much!

What are your artistic career goals? 

I have a lot of artistic career goals, but my main goal is to eventually become full-time with my work. Starting off after graduation is tough, because you need to learn how to take on self-employment and all the little niggles that come with it. It isn’t something you can lean on financially, either, because there is not enough consistency when you’re at the very beginning of your journey (especially if you have financial outgoings to deal with).

I dream of the day that I can solely rely on my freelance work as a means of living, but unfortunately this is not an option for me right now, so I make sure to spend as much time as I can on my work whilst juggling a part-time job.

Berenice Termote

In one year, I hope to find an agent, because I feel that would help my work to flourish more. Starting off on my own has been tough because there has been a lot to deal with. In five years, I definitely want to be full-time and established in my illustration career…I also hope to have travelled to many exciting places, experienced a lot of exciting work, and be happy of course!

Have you found social media/blogging has helped your career?

Definitely! So far, I have enjoyed keeping my social media up to date with my career. It helps me to build a type of clarity with my work when I post regular updates, and it also encourages me to stay in check with what needs doing. It has also given me an insight into what people most enjoy with my work and how I can improve.

Berenice Termote

Who’s your favourite artist, and why?

That’s a tough question because I have many favourites! It might sound a little random, but I have always been drawn to a lot of Picasso’s work, simply because of the colour palettes he chose and the shapes he drew. I’ve always been appealed to shape and colour, and they’re two of the main fundamentals to my style.

Finally: what’s your Twitter handle, and what can you found tweeting about?

You can find me on twitter on @BereniceTermote. I usually tweet about regular updates in my creative life, but sometimes I cannot help myself and end up tweeting about food or other little random going-ons.

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