REVIEW: Sausage Party

I saw Sausage Party on the same day I watched The Secret Life Of Pets (#bigday, I know). I’ll be honest – even though I’d seen a trailer for Sausage Party, I still expected it to be in a similar kind of vein to TSLOP and all those other animated Disney, Pixar et al movies (think Toy Story and Minions) – funny with a twist of sass and some sort of cosy, feel-good moral included for good value.

Oh, the reality. THE REALITY.

Let’s put it this way: I fell asleep during the film. Twice. You haven’t lived – truly – until you’ve jolted awake in a crowded cinema to the sound of a sausage simulating sex with a roll. Sorry, I mean bun. And yes, you read that sentence correctly.

Crude and lewd in equal measure, it’s a film that relishes – quite literally, what with an assortment of condiments having starring roles – in its own moronity. It’s got a total all-star cast: Seth Rogen (who apparently spent eight years working on the story) and Kristen Wiig star as the main protagonists, whilst a cast-list including the likes of Salma Hayek, Michael Cera, Paul Robinson, James Franco and more hints from the off that it should be lol-worthy. Which, sure, it is, if you enjoy endless puns about ‘tips’ and ‘weiners’.

In a nutshell, the plot follows #1 Sausage (Head Sausage? Lead Sausage? I just don’t know), Frank, and his girlfriend, Brenda (the afore-mentioned roll, who comes complete with eyelashes and a beauty spot), as they discover that the reality of their supermarket existence isn’t what they thought.

I mean, yes. I like the theory behind the film, even though it’s the kind of thing that if you think about it for too long you’ll probably never be able to eat again and will be reduced to blending everything into juices as you can’t hear the screams of the fruit and veg over the sound the blender makes as you thoughtfully lean against the kitchen counter, silently pondering whether or not you need to start thinking about the other day-to-day items in your life that might have feelings… (What if the sofa hates being sat on? What if the TV is in pain when you change the channel? What if your car hates the taste of petrol?)

But in reality? The film involves (in no particular order): an on-the-warpath ‘douche’ (so American), a decapitation, weed-smoking sausages (THEY DON’T HAVE MOUTHS), endless, endless, relentless innuendos, a never-ending orgy scene (I MEAN…) and more. It’s a whirlwind of gross and cringe, without much let-up, or much opportunity to actually like any of the characters or care about any part of the plot. In fact, by the end of the film I was secretly hoping they would all be scooped up and thrown in a stew.

Obviously this didn’t happen, however; rather, the main characters all hopped into a ‘portal’ that a Stephen Hawking-inspired (no, really) blob of chewing gum – complete with wheelchair and automated speech – had discovered, whisking them off into another dimension. No, that actually happened.

Watch the trailer below!



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