Madi Barrett

Say hello to Madi Barrett, a 23-year-old illustrator, who graduated last year with a First class honours degree in illustration from Bournemouth Arts Institute. One thing you should know about Madi: she loves paper. “Brightly-coloured magazines, patterned scraps of fabric, wallpaper samples, catalogues, envelopes, pretty fragments of paper,” says Madi, “I hoard everything I might … Continue reading Madi Barrett

The Pencil Paper Scissors collective

Madi Barrett, Kerri-Ann Hulme and Joanne Hawker have all been featured on TYC individually in the past, and we are now pleased to feature the group that they have formed together, the Pencil Paper Scissors collective. The girls met online (Twitter, we bow down to your power) and are now combining their unique styles to … Continue reading The Pencil Paper Scissors collective