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The Pencil Paper Scissors collective

Madi Barrett, Kerri-Ann Hulme and Joanne Hawker have all been featured on TYC individually in the past, and we are now pleased to feature the group that they have formed together, the Pencil Paper Scissors collective.

The girls met online (Twitter, we bow down to your power) and are now combining their unique styles to great effect. Read on to find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

We formed after meeting through Twitter – we all thought it would be ace to work together on creative collaborative projects.

It took us a while to decide upon a name for ourselves, but we chose Pencils, Paper, Scissors Collective as a play on the childhood game rock, paper, scissors – this was relevant to us as a collective because our work is often inspired by childhood themes.

What are your inspirations?

As a collective, our main inspirations include woodland creatures, lovely hand-created illustrations and childhood.

What’s your favourite piece of work you have produced?

So far, we have created one project together – our circus-themed colouring book. It’s just been printed, so we’re all super excited about it!

The book was really fun to create, and was a little bit different for all of us compared to our usual style of working. It was also really good to all get involved and work together for the first time. The colouring book is 24 pages, and was designed and illustrated by us. If you’re interested, it’s available to buy in each of our Etsy shops.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

As a collective, we all love illustrations and typography with a hand-made feel to it, and we also love children’s book illustration. If you check out our blog, we have started creating weekly inspiration posts which gives away a little bit more about some of our favourite illustrators and creatives.

Individually speaking…

Madi: My ultimate favourite illustrator is Sara Fanelli. I love her collage style, and her hand-drawn typography is incredibly inspirational.

Joanne: I can never choose a favourite! So I’ll give you a couple instead. I love Robin and Mould, Alice Potter and Sandra Dieckmann.

Kerri-Ann: My favourite illustrator changes all the time but at the moment it is Inga Moore with her amazing illustrations of The Secret Garden. I love illustrations that are hand drawn and coloured and that have so many details you can look at them for hours.

Visit the Pencil Paper Scissors blog; like the collective on Facebook; follow PPS on Twitter: @PPS_Collective.

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